How To Clean Vinyl Steering Wheel?

Using an all-purpose auto cleaner is one of the best ways to clean a vinyl steering wheel
There are many steering wheel cleaners and cleaning methods but this is also one of the easiest to remove dirt and grime from vinyl

Vinyl is one of the easier steering wheels to clean, and the process is much simpler than cleaning a leather steering wheel
Dirt and grime remain on the surface and do not penetrate
This makes the cleaning and removal much easier compared to that of an Alcantara (suede) steering wheel and other types

Items You Will Need

  • All-Purpose Cleaner – This can either be a concentrate or diluted in a spray bottle
  • Towels – Use to protect the dashboard and surrounding areas from spills
  • Microfiber Cloths – For cleaning, wiping, and drying your steering wheel
  • Brush – Useful for scrubbing and loosening stubborn dirt
  • Bucket – Clean water for wringing out cloths
  • Sponge – Can be used for cleaning and scrubbing
  • Surgical Gloves – Optional if you want to protect your hands

Deep Cleaning Your Vinyl Steering Wheel

Follow the instructions below to learn an effective way how to clean a vinyl steering wheel


  1. Place towels around the steering column and dashboard areas for protection from any accidental spills
  2. Spray the all-purpose cleaner onto the microfiber cloth
    This can also be sprayed on the brush or directly on the steering
  3. In severe cases leave to soak for at least 10min
  4. Next, use the brush to start scrubbing the surface
  5. Work in small sections at a time, making sure to cover the back as well
  6. Use a detailing brush or a toothbrush to reach small crevices and difficult-to-reach places 
  7. Using a damp microfiber cloth, wipe off the cleaned surface to remove the dirt and residue
  8. If necessary, repeat this process
  9. Apply a vinyl or leather protectant

How Do You Clean Sticky Vinyl Steering Wheels?

Vinyl, just like cleaning plastic steering wheels is easier to do than leather or suede as dirt, and oils don’t penetrate the surface as easily
Cleaning is, therefore, a breeze, but you still need to use the right products and cleaning methods

Here are a few ways that you can clean a sticky steering wheel

Car wipes 

One of the easiest ways to clean a sticky steering wheel is to use auto-cleaning wipes
They are ready to use in an instant with no preparation or setup required

Cleaning wipes are specially formulated to clean, protect and disinfect
They remove dirt, grime, and dust without causing damage or leaving a sticky residue behind

Interior Spray Cleaner

The next best way to remove sticky residue is to use a specialist car cleaner spray that is made for the interior
These normally clean all types of surfaces in the car interior including leather, vinyl, and plastic

Spray onto a microfiber cloth and start wiping the affected area
You can also spray it directly on the surface and wipe it off

It not only cleans but also serves as a protective layer against cracking and fading

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