How To Clean A Plastic Steering Wheel?

Plastic steering wheels are arguably the easiest to clean of all the steering wheel materials
They are both hard, and smooth, with dirt unable to penetrate beneath the surface

Cleaning should therefore be a breeze no matter which steering wheel cleaner or cleaning method you use

Cleaning Hard Plastic Steering Wheels

Follow the instructions below

Using Car Interior Cleaner

There are numerous car interior cleaners that you can use effectively use to clean a plastic steering wheel
These come in several formulas like liquid, gel, or spray and do a good job at removing dirt and grime

For the purposes of this article, we’ll be using a spray cleaner


  • Spray the cleaner onto a microfiber cloth or sponge
  • Apply to the steering wheel in sections and start cleaning as you apply
  • For embedded dirt, and stains, spray directly on the surface and leave to soak for 10min or longer depending on the severity
  • Next, use a brush to agitate and loosen the dirt
  • Take a damp microfiber cloth and remove the dirt
  • Rinse and repeat

Using Soap & Water

You can also use household dish soap as a cheap alternative


  • Pour water into a bucket and add 1tablespoon of dish soap
  • Wet a microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution
  • Wring out to remove most of the water from the cloth
  • Start cleaning the steering wheel in small sections, making sure to cover the back of the wheel too
  • Wring out the cloth and repeat till you obtain satisfactory results
  • Wipe off the steering using a clean and damp microfiber cloth to prevent any sticky build-up
  • A sponge and small brush can also be used in the cleaning process

Using A Magic Eraser

Using a magic eraser to clean your steering is highly recommended and will help get rid of grime a lot easier
It is good for cleaning Faux leather, vinyl, and almost any type of steering wheel
It can also be combined with most cleaning products for even better cleaning results


  • Mix a solution of water and cleaner in a bucket (car interior cleaner)
  • Place the magic eraser into the solution and wring out to remove excess water
  • Start wiping your steering wheel in small sections at a time
  • You should notice a black residue appear on the eraser
  • Rinse in the water, wring out and repeat on a different section
  • Follow these steps till completion
  • Using a clean, damp microfiber cloth, wipe the cleaned areas to prevent any sticky build-up
  • Use a dry cloth to dry off 

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